Thomas Jefferson High School
Denver Public Schools Center Communication Technology
The CCT program follows all Thomas Jefferson school rules and Core Values. The school rules are detailed in your student handbook. Please acquaint yourself with these rules.
1. Food, drinks and eating are not allowed around the CCT workstation tables. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. Cell phones are not to be used in the classroom during instructional time. They will be confiscated.
3. Be in the classroom and working on the posted assignment when the bell rings. Students not in the classroom when the bell rings are considered to be tardy. Possible consequences of being tardy include: phone call to parents, detention, student conference, or referral to a counselor.
4. Sit in your assigned seat daily.
5. Bring headphones, writing materials, and other requested materials to class daily.
6. Stay next to assigned workstation until the bell rings. You are dismissed by the teacher, and not by the bell. Before leaving; log off your computer, clean up your desk and floor area, and push in your chair.
7. No talking and remove headphones while the teacher or others are addressing the class.
8. Computer sounds are restricted to headphones only. Headphone volume should be moderate.
9. No internet surfing or computer games are allowed PERIOD… Surfing or attempting access to inappropriate web site may result in lose or restricted use of the internet. If your work is done, work on other school work. Computers are monitored and documented for misuse or inappropriate web browsing.
10. Foul language, rude comments, or obscene gestures are unacceptable. Please respect your peers right to learn.
11. Furniture and computer equipment WILL NOT be written on or damaged in any manner. You will be fined for any damage caused in the classroom. No Horse Playing in lab.
12. Students are not to be in the “teachers offices” unaccompanied by a CCT teacher.
13. Windows, blinds, and storage areas are off-limits. Leave them alone.
14. Tampering with the computers or other students work will result in disciplinary action.
15. Remember that being in the CCT is a privilege, not a right. Do not do anything to jeopardize your status in the program.
16. Hall pass/restroom passes for emergencies only. Use restroom during passing periods. Abuse of emergency pass will result in lose of privilege. Must have a school planner to be used as a pass.
17. There is a $50 CCT Fee for this class (1st & 2nd semester) due by Sept 8th, 2017
(This will include your required SkillsUSA @ TJ membership)

Please sign the Parent/Student Signature Form that is attached.
*Action item! You and your parent/guardian must open this and electronically sign/acknowledge critical information.