Anatomy Animation in Medical Field - Summer Homework 2017
Image and 2d animation are traditional ways to show anatomy. But it’s hard to present layers and relative position of organ and tissue accurately. People may have to use multiple images or animations with different angles. Another traditional way is physical anatomy video. The bad part is bloody scene and discomfort feeling from dead animals or human bodies. Especially for patient, the complicated anatomy operation may mislead patients and aggravate their psychological burden. The professionals rely on microscope to observe tissue structure. But for those non-professionals such as patient, it is difficult to distinguish which is which. With the help of 3D anatomy animation, anatomy could be presented vividly and friendly to viewers. It can simplify the appearance of organs and vessels and also simulate the process of surgery. By interactive animation, viewers can be involved in the anatomy process. Without any discomfort feeling, they can enjoy this process when remembering and comprehending the surgery.

Nowadays, 3D anatomy animation has been widely used in not only medical research, but also in anatomy teaching, becoming the most important part in medical field. 3D anatomy animation can present the anatomy process clearly and simple in academic education. With help of interactive software, students could have better memories comparing to plain images. In disease research, 3D anatomy animation can clearly display focus of infection, explain cause of disease. In pharmacology analysis, medicine targeting and releasing on focus of infection can be vividly demonstrates by 3D anatomy animation. In addition, it is also applied in forensic research, sports medicine, and movie special effect. With extended application of 3D anatomy animation, its carrying media are also expanded. Smart phone and tablet pc are widely used by medical professionals.

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Call the subject: 3d in the Medical Field
Article Response:
What are the limitation of using just images or 2d animation in the medical field?
Explain why physical video is not a good choice when showing anatomy
Why is 3d animation a better choice?
What are the advantages of 3d in education?
How is 3d used in other careers?

Link to the website below and watch 3 animation and explain how they were used.